Vintage Slot-car TV Commercials

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Vintage Slot-car TV Commercials

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... on the YouTube channel with all sorts of model car racing info ...

Especially by AFX ... & who could believe there was a 4-speed stick-shift controller 8-)

Brands Advertised:

:arrow: AURORA Factory Experimental aka AFX sets, TCR, Mr.Kelly Carwash, Class A Racing, Gibert Auto Racing, even MatchBox Cars @ .59¢, TYCO, STOMPER, plus there were slot-cars powered with 2 AA batteries and last but not least, the famous brand named ... Scalextric 8-)

Imagine Hand Controls were aka Pistol Grip Power Sticks :lol:

Race Set prices ... were like $15.97 (exclusively) at Woolworth & $19.95 at other stores :D

Enjoy the Video :D

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Re: Vintage Slot-car TV Commercials

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Now seeing this. Very interesting !
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