Next event's classes

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Next event's classes

Post by gordon »

Guys, because we ran just one class (GT) other than the IROC races at our most recent event, rather than leaving out the other classes that were scheduled and jumping to another group of classes for the next event, here are the classes I'm planning to run (in the order listed):
  1. Slot.It Challenge
  2. LMP
  3. F1
  4. Ferrari Challenge IROC
We'll run one race for each class, then FCIROC. If we still have time after we get through with this set of races, we'll re-start from the top of the list, running a second race for the first three classes.

We’re trying to space events three weeks apart, so tentative date is 4th June.

So, you know which cars to prepare!
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Re: Next event's classes

Post by Luke »


The extension to FRC's recent (RD297) event - sounds very useful and tentative as it is ...

I'm trying to round up some (maybe 3) regulars, including myself with the Ferrari IROC racing ;)

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