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Re: Looking at 2020

Post by gordon »

I'm rethinking the 18K motor limit. As Arden mentioned on the FRC WhatsApp chat, with 18K motors the MP and BTCC classes would be very similar. I would like to propose that we go back to 20K motors, of course limiting torque to under 200 gm/cm.
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Re: Looking at 2020

Post by O'Brie »

Not sure what the similarity between the BTCC and MP classes will mean? The effort here if I am right is to slowdown the class as they seem to be getting too fast and difficult to compete with on a budget. What we experience with some of the lower speed classes is better competition and .... fun! However, I am keen to go with what ever is chosen as we can always review the rules if the desired results are not achieved.
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Re: Looking at 2020

Post by steveaca »

Hi guys,
I'd be okay with the 20k rpm limit with a torque cap of 200 g.cm.
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