FRC Endurance Competition Regulations

Our racing rules and class regulations
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FRC Endurance Competition Regulations

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All regular FRC rules apply except where contradicted by any of the following special rules.

Determined prior to each event (separate races for each class).

Each car must have a minimum of two drivers. All drivers must drive the car in each race it runs. Cars must be brought to a complete stop in the pits for driver changes. Cars may not be removed from the track during driver change pit stops.

Race Length:
Length of each race will be determined for each class at each event but will be based on time rather than laps and will be run using the Power Base Endurance Mode. At FRC one minute is roughly equivalent to 10 laps (based on a 6 sec average lap time).

Technical Inspection:
All cars starting each race will be inspected for conformity with the regulations when in Parc Ferme just prior to starting each race and again immediately after each race.

Car Substitutions:
Cars may not be substituted once a race begins. "Car" is defined as body/chassis combination. Other components may be changed during the races. Cars may only be substituted for different races.

Points: Points are awarded to cars, not drivers. Point system is same as for sprint events (9, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1 plus 1 for pole in first race only). Substituted cars will accumulate their own points and not inherit points from the cars they replace.

Pit Stops/Repairs:
Cars may make pit stops to be removed from the track for repairs. Re-joining the race must be done via the pit lane. There can be no driver change during a pit stop once the car has been removed from the track.

Marshals or drivers may re-slot any de-slotted cars (no "table lap" rule in effect). Stewards may assign stop and go penalties for "drive-through" violations. In the interest of fair play, a driver may impose a penalty on himself if he realizes that he has de-slotted a car ahead in the same lane or on exiting the pits or changing lane. Driver changes cannot be made while serving a penalty.

Since each car will have a minimum of two drivers, there will be at least twelve drivers per race. Depending on the number of entries, we will have races for A and B subgroups.

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