FRC Rally Competition Regulations

Our racing rules and class regulations
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FRC Rally Competition Regulations

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All regular FRC rules apply except where contradicted by any of the following special rules.

Only cars conforming to the FRC Rally Class will be allowed.

Any number of drivers may take part.

Rally Stage Length:
Each stage shall be over a fixed number of laps of the FRC circuit, determined at the time of the event (usually 5 laps). Cars will run the stage one at a time.

Number of Stages:
Each driver will run the stage a fixed number of times, determined at the time of the event (usually 3 times). The rally winner will be the driver who completes all the stages in the fastest time. Individual stage winners will also be recognised. All drivers must complete each stage before moving on to the next round.

Component Damage/Failure:
If a car starts a stage and suffers component damage/failure preventing it from completing the stage, or if a car completes a stage in over 90 sec, it will be given a default stage time of 90 seconds.

In the case of component damage/failure, if the problem occurs before the car completes its first lap, the driver has the option to fix the problem in a reasonable time and re-start the stage. If the problem occurs after completing its first lap and getting a time or if the car cannot be fixed in a reasonable time, the 90-sec rule applies.

Drivers shall share marshalling duty when not driving.