03. American Pony Car

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03. American Pony Car

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American Pony Car (APC)
(Last changed - Oct 2022)

For slot models of American "Pony Cars" that took place in the Trans-Am series between 1966 and 1972.
  • Period: 1966-1972.
  • Body: External fender modifications not allowed. Wheels and tyres must not be visible when viewing body from above. Windows may not be tinted.
  • Chassis: Original, but may be modified provided guide flag position and axle positions remain unaltered. Angle-winder configurations not allowed.
  • Interior: Should be as close to the original interior as possible. May be altered or replaced if necessary to install digital chip and/or to clear motor, but try to keep it as realistic as you can. No ultra-light lexan-type interiors allowed.
  • Motor: Up to 21,500 RPM.
  • Wheels: Either 12mm or 13mm in diameter (excluding the ridge).
  • Tyres: Front: Free but must be no less than 17mm on wheel. Rear: Free but must be no less than 19mm on wheel. Rear tyre maximum tread width: 8mm (excluding sidewall).

    Helpful link: Preparing a car for FRC's American Pony Car class