01. General (all classes)

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01. General (all classes)

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General (applies to all classes)
(Last changed - Oct 2022)
  1. Cars must have four wheels with tyres and a body.
  2. Car body must be a 1/32 scale model of an actual car, past or present. Body may not be modified in a way which significantly lightens it or renders it indistinguishable from original car. Transparent bodies must be painted. All cars must have racing numbers displayed at least on each side. Owners are encouraged to include other realistic-looking decoration on their cars, such as sponsor advertising and number roundels.
  3. A driver figure comprising at least a head must be present in the driver position of the car unless the specific class allows the windows to be tinted so as not to reveal the cockpit. Open cockpit cars require a driver and a "shelf"; closed cars require at least a driver head, front and rear glass and a cover over the mechanicals. (With the exception of cars where the windows are tinted.)
  4. All tyres must be of a silicone, rubber, rubber-like or urethane construction. No o-ring or sponge tires allowed.
  5. All tyres must be run DRY, with no traction compounds or treatments added. Cleaner residue or softening treatments must have been removed before placing the car on the track.
  6. No traction magnets allowed.
  7. A minimum ground clearance of 1mm is required in the area under the motor (see "Checking the ground clearance" below).
  8. Non-magnetic ballast may be added to cars.
  9. Ballast added to the underside of the chassis must be securely affixed so as to not be dislodged during a race. They must also be completely insulated from electrical conductivity.
  10. The body mounting screws may be loosened. If they are, suitable steps must be taken to prevent them falling on to the track.
  11. Any braid may be used.
  12. For classes where any form of motor restriction applies (eg: RPM), motor make and model must be identifiable so as to ascertain its eligibility for the class. (Eg: Leave original label/markings on motor.)
  13. Only a single guide is allowed per car. Guide is defined as any part of the car which runs below the track surface in the slot.
Checking the ground clearance:
Ground clearance will be checked with the car resting right side up in on a rigid piece of Scalextric sport track with guide flag in the slot and car positioned parallel to the rails. Cars must have an area that allows the gauge to be used for this check.

Items not mentioned in the specific class rules:
For each class, cars need only comply with the applicable General items above and with the items mentioned for the class. Everything else is allowed.

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