03. American Pony Car

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03. American Pony Car

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American Pony Car (APC)
(Last changed - Jul 2022)

Amendments for the current racing season are indicated in blue. Amendments made during the current racing season (if any) are indicated in purple.

For slot models of American "Pony Cars" that took place in the Trans-Am series between 1966 and 1972.
  • Period: 1966-1972.
  • Body: External fender modifications not allowed. Wheels and tyres must not be visible when viewing body from above. Windows may not be tinted.
  • Chassis: Original, but may be modified provided guide flag position and axle positions remain unaltered. No angle-winder configurations.
  • Interior: Should be as close to the original interior as possible. May be altered or replaced if necessary to install digital chip and/or to clear motor, but try to keep it as realistic as you can.
  • Motor: Up to 21,500 RPM.
  • Magnets: No traction magnets allowed.
  • Wheels: Either 12mm or 13mm in diameter (excluding the ridge).
  • Tyres: Front: Free but must be no less than 17mm on wheel. Rear: Free but must be no less than 19mm on wheel. Rear tyre maximum tread width: 8mm (excluding sidewall).
  • Ground Clearance: 1.0 mm minimum under motor. See "Checking the ground clearance (where applicable)" in the General - All Classes section of the regulations.
Helpful link: Preparing a car for FRC's American Pony Car class