13. Restricted LMP

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13. Restricted LMP

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Restricted LMP (RLMP)
(Last changed - Before 2018)

Amendments for the 2021 racing season are indicated in blue. Amendments made during the 2021 racing season (if any) are indicated in purple.

For slot models of prototype (non-production) cars from 1976 onwards which compete in LMP racing.
  • Period: 1976 onwards.
  • Body: Windows may be tinted.
  • Motor: Up to 26,000 RPM.
  • Magnets: USD Rule.

Restricted LMP (RLMP) - No magnet
(Last changed - Feb 2021)

Everything as per the Restricted LMP (RLMP) rules above except the following:
  • Magnets: No traction magnets allowed.
  • Ground Clearance: 1.0 mm minimum under motor. See "Checking the ground clearance (where applicable)" in the General - All Classes section of the regulations.