09. BTCC

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09. BTCC

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(Last changed - Nov 2019)

Amendments for the 2021 racing season are indicated in blue. Amendments made during the 2021 racing season (if any) are indicated in purple.

For the following Scalextric slot models of BTCC cars (from 2014 onwards):

Honda Civic Type R BTCC
VW Passat BTCC

In the interest of having individual liveries, prospective entrants must register the model and livery they are interested in with FRC. These registrations will be posted on the FRC forum. Registrations will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Once a car has been registered, no one else may register that model and livery and the registrant must produce the car within six weeks of registering. If the registrant fails to produce the car within this time, it will be removed from the registry and available for registration again. The original registrant may not re-register that model and livery for another six weeks.

See car reservations and reserve your car here:
  • Period: 2014 onwards.
  • Body: Original.
  • Chassis: Original, but edges may be sanded for float (max gap 1.0mm).
  • Interior: Original. May be modified as long as alterations are not visible through the windows. Interior tray bearing retainers may be removed. MG and VW only: Optionally, interior tray may be replaced with black or black-painted vac-form interior or similar lightweight structure. Driver head/figure must be painted. Interior must cover the full cockpit area so that no mechanical parts are visible through the windows.
  • Digital Chip: Scalextric C8515 DPR chip and hatch.
  • Motor: Any FC-130 motor up to 18,000 RPM.
  • Gearing: Standard axle gear. Pinion may be changed.
  • Magnets: 45º USD Rule. Magnet(s) must be in standard location. Stacking allowed.
  • Wheels: Standard.
  • Axles: Standard.
  • Tyres: Front: Free, but no less than 18mm on wheel. Rear: Free, but no less than 19mm on wheel; max tread width: 10mm (excluding sidewall).
  • Minimum Weight: BMW and Honda: 80gm. MG and VW: 85gm.

BTCC - No magnet
(Last changed - Oct 2020)

Everything as per the BTCC rules above except the following:
  • Magnets: No traction magnets allowed.
  • Ground Clearance: 1.0 mm minimum under motor. See "Checking the ground clearance (where applicable)" in the General - All Classes section of the regulations.