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06. Kitbash

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Kitbash (KB)
(Last changed - Aug 2019)

Amendments for the 2021 racing season are indicated in blue. Amendments made during the 2021 racing season (if any) are indicated in purple.

For road-going cars from 1950 onwards that are not production slot cars.
  • Period: 1950 onwards.
  • Body: Covered-wheel cars only.
  • Chassis: Any chassis which is not specifically designed by the manufacturer of the body for that body.
  • Interior: At least a full shelf with driver head, arms, steering-wheel and roll bar/cage. Ultra-light/one-piece plastic/lexan interiors are not allowed.
  • Motor: FC-130: H&R Racing HRMJR1 14,000 RPM Jack Rabit Motor. FF-050: M/T-SL1 Motor - Slim Can - 14,700 RPM.
  • Magnets: No traction magnets allowed.
  • Ground Clearance: 1.0 mm minimum under motor. See "Checking the ground clearance (where applicable)" in the General - All Classes section of the regulations.
  • Outer Track Limit (left to right tyre edges): 64 mm.