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07. Clubman

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Clubman (CM)
(Last changed - Jul 2020)

Amendments for the 2021 racing season are indicated in blue. Amendments made during the 2021 racing season (if any) are indicated in purple.

For older road-going non-GT cars of the 1960s where all cars run as closely and competitively as possible against each other. Lap times should ideally not vary by more than 0.2 sec.
  • Period: 1960-1969.
  • Body: See Eligible Cars below. Other cars for the period may be added once approved. Fender flares may be added if original body does not have them, but may not exceed 3mm in width (equivalent to 3.8 inches on a 1/1 car). Wheels and tyres must not be visible when viewing body from above. Windows may not be tinted.
  • Interior: At least a full shelf with driver head, arms, steering-wheel and roll bar/cage. Ultra-light/one-piece plastic interiors are not allowed.
  • Motor: FC130 or FF up to 18K (this is to allow for most standard cars).
  • Magnets: No traction magnets allowed.
  • Tyres: 8mm maximum tread width.
  • Ground Clearance: 1.0 mm minimum under motor. See "Checking the ground clearance (where applicable)" in the General - All Classes section of the regulations.
  • Outer Track Limit (left to right tyre edges): 55 mm.
Winning car must add 3gm to existing weight for following race. If same car wins following race, additional 3gm will be added for following race and this continues for every successive race it wins. Once it does not win a race, 3gm can be removed. For each successive race it does not win, 3gm can be removed. This applies over successive events.

Here's a site that can be useful in getting an idea what a piece of metal (e.g.lead) of dimensions you supply will weigh:


Here are some examples of lead weight calculations from the site above (I've used 0.063 in as the standard thickness as this is the thickest lead sheet supplied by Professor Motor):

20 mm x 15 mm x 0.063 in = 5.4 gm
20 mm x 14 mm x 0.063 in = 5.1 gm
20 mm x 13 mm x 0.063 in = 4.7 gm
25 mm x 8 mm x 0.063 in = 3.6 gm (std Scalextric magnet size)
25 mm x 6 mm x 0.063 in = 2.7 gm
25 mm x 5 mm x 0.063 in = 2.3 gm
25 mm x 4 mm x 0.063 in = 1.8 gm

Eligible Cars:
Ford Anglia 105E
Ford Cortina Mk 1 and Mk II
Ford Escort Mk I
Ford Capri Mk I
Sunbeam Alpine and Tiger
BMC Mini, Mini Clubman and Mini 1275 GT
Lotus Elan and Elan +2
Vauxhall Viva
Hillman Imp
Hillman Hunter
Austin A40
Triumph TR4
Triumph Spitfire
MG Midget / Austin-Healey Sprite ("Spridget")
Jaguar E-Type
Cobra Roadster
Caterham (racing as a Lotus 7)
... etc.