Dion will Sell cadillac LMP for 400

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Dion will Sell cadillac LMP for 400

Post by gordon »

Got an email from Dion. He has one of the following Scalextric Cadillac slot cars for sale at TT$400:


He didn't leave any contact info, so I guess you can either respond below or PM him if interested.
Drakes dawson
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Re: Dion will Sell cadillac LMP for 400

Post by Drakes dawson »

Dion Contact # 489-8196


Will Sell F1 car for 320
benetton.JPG (47.12 KiB) Viewed 7450 times
Will sell Cadillac for 400

Will sell set with 10 curves 8 straights controllers no cars for 650
with one LMP cadillac for 920
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Re: Dion will Sell cadillac LMP for 400

Post by Luke »

Hi all,

A transaction was done (6 months after posted) on Thursday Republic Day Holiday at TSCC for the C2259 Scalextric Cadillac Northstar black LMP car by yours truly - Luke T. :-)

It was traded (swapped) for these items listed below:
  • 1 Scalextric Aston Martin DBR9 car - All White Body
    1 Scale Auto 35K rpm motor
    1 set Maxxtrac M2 Silicone tyres
I presently own 1 LMP (C2897 Scalextric Peugeot 908 HDi FAP No. 7) car and have it race tuned for the TSCC circuit.

So I needed a next LMP car for the SSD FRC track and decided to go after this Digital DNA (words seen on same) car ;-)

The 3 items listed is a great win win deal for the price ($400) asked for the Cadillac Northstar LMP car.

Sure all will agree its about time something was done here ent :D

After all, no activity since it was posted on the ~ 17th. March '15 :o

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