Fairways Racing Complex (FRC) is an ongoing work and hobby and is the direct result of a re-awakening of my interest in slot car racing after being introduced to the modern world of digital racing.


Late in 2007-early 2008 my good friend and boyhood fellow slot racer David O’Brien (“O’Brie”) invited me to his home to see the new Scalextric layout that he and his two sons had built. It was quite an eye opener. Back in the mid-sixties when we were boys and O’Brie, myself and other motor racing friends competed on the slot circuits of the day, only two cars could run on most tracks simultaneously. To run three or four at the same time, you’d have to build a four lane track; five or six, a six lane track. This required much more track and space.

What O’Brie introduced me to that evening was not only the ability to race up to six cars on two lanes, but also the option to change lane at the push of a button on the hand controller when approaching any of the multitude of lane change track sections spread out around his track. This was a whole new twist on an old hobby. Drivers could now use the lane changers to get the fastest time around the circuit and to overtake or block as race strategy dictated. Add to this computer-controlled race management software with options for qualifying, Grand Prix-style racing with races set for a given number of laps, endurance-style racing where races run for a fixed time period, optional pit stops for fuel and more and suddenly it wasn’t my childhood’s slot racing anymore! I was officially re-bitten by the bug so the next goal was to build my own digital raceway. The result is Fairways Racing Complex.

So explore the links at the top and bottom of each page to acquaint yourself with FRC! And don’t forget to send me your feedback and suggestions.