Almost every Thursday (sometimes Wednesday) night FRC holds race meetings. We initially started out with a core group running Scalextric Ferrari F430s then made contact with another group of slot racing fanatics who race on a 6-lane analogue (as opposed to digital) track. Some of these guys are now regulars at FRC events and have started to “chip” (digitize) some of their cars to run on digital tracks.

Races are usually 30 40 laps long and we run a number of them each race night. Like the track itself, competition is evolving and becoming more structured. Qualifying is run over three laps, one car at a time in five minute sessions with up to six cars at a time. This establishes the starting grid positions for the first race in each class. Subsequent grids are based on the finishing positions in the previous race. We’ve decided on a point system of 9, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1 for first to sixth place in each race which determines a champion for each class on each race night. In case you’re wondering, the current lap record in the 4.7 4.3 sec bracket for the 74 ft lap, so the cars aren’t slow and driver reflexes have to be good.

Although we started off just using the features of the PB-Pro to run the races, we now use some pretty cool race management software called Scalextric Sport Digital Console.

An integral part of the evening’s entertainment is the consumption of liquid refreshments of an alcoholic nature (mostly), keeping everyone in fine spirits throughout the event.

Click the following links to get a copy of our classes and rules in PDF format (or read them on the Forum):

FRC Classes.pdf

FRC Regulations.pdf

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